The Magic In Proposals

When it comes to getting married we sometimes forget to talk about the beginning, the proposal. Can you remember how your partner proposed to you? Was there tears? Smiles? Or Silence from being speechless?

No matter how it happened and when it happened we all know it’s a very special moment and it’s hard to know what to say (besides yes of course).

As human beings we enjoy seeing people happy, we even go as far as helping strangers to make them happier. So I picked out: My Top 20 Wedding Proposals.

I hope you enjoy them as I did, some even bought a tear to my eye they were all beautiful (Maybe you can take some tips for your proposal).

Here they are, in no apparent order…. Enjoy

Hopefully you enjoyed watching them as much as I did, maybe you had a favourite? If so comment below and let me know, they’re all amazing so you can’t be wrong!

Are you looking to surprise your partner? Maybe the videos have inspired you. Contact us today to discuss your proposal ideas or to organise a custom menu for the occasion or even for the wedding, if you know they will say yes!