What’s Cooking This October?

Let’s get ready to Crumble.. ..And do the Monster Mash With Halloween here to raise its spooky head once more, we’re casting a shadowy glance back over what’s been a thriller of a month. There’s been treats a plenty including cumin lamb with blackened hispi cabbage, ghoulish baba ganoush, a killer parsnip, leek and chestnut… Read more »

Christmas Party Planning – Things to consider!

Wow, doesn’t that special time of year come around fast, especially when Christmas party planning is on the cards. Here we are, barely out of summer (or so it’s seems this year) and now Christmas is just on our doorstep! Admittedly, we have a few weeks left to go, but if you’re hosting or planning… Read more »

Autumn Wedding Menu Inspiration

Fall in Love. Autumn Wedding Menu Inspiration Autumn is one of the most gorgeous times of the year for a wedding. The changing seasons create a dreamy backdrop of burnt orange, vibrant red and rich chocolate brown. This picture perfect colour pallet, coupled with crisp blue skies and a slight icy chill, creates an almost… Read more »

Traditional Wedding Catering with a Twist

Spin Your Plates Traditional Wedding Catering with a Twist Not bowled over by bowl food? Don’t share a love of sharing platters? Try something a little more traditional for size. With a three-course sit down feast everyone gets their own plates, piled high with deliciousness. By traditional we are not talking soup, chicken and cheesecake…. Read more »

Tan and Deb’s Awesome Tapas Style Wedding Menu

Goa to Glastonbury Tan and Deb’s Tapas Style Wedding Menu When I first met Tanya and Deb, I knew instantly that we’d get on like a house of fire. Not only were they such great fun with a wicked sense of humour, they also loved adventurous food. They didn’t want a traditional sit down meal…. Read more »

10 Totally Weird Wedding Facts

10 Totally Weird Wedding Facts Need a break from wedding planning stress? Have a butchers at these totally weird wedding facts. From fooling evil spirits to marrying the best man, suddenly your wedding woes won’t seem half as bad. A Veiled Threat So why the veil? To spare the bride’s blushes? No, it’s actually a… Read more »