We love to share photos of the awesome wedding food that we create for our customers’ big day. Here’s a sample to tickle your taste buds


Tandoori chickencourgette fritterBeef pie and feef filletJerk chickenChocolate brownieChocolate mud pieHazelnut parfaitTrio salmon

Black Forest Trifle

Venison_FINAL Tempura_Prawns_013_COMP Sausage_Roll_013_COMP Rice_Pudding_013_COMP MacnCheese_Final4 Lemon_Meringue_017_COMP Kimchi_Rice_FINAL Chix_FINAL Cheese_Sandwich_019_COMP Butter-Chicken_031_FINAL Breakfast_FINAL Blackened_Cod_FINAL2 Blackened_Cod_FINAL1 BFG_FINAL Asian_Salad_017


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