Have A Tasty Summer!

Isn’t wedding food wonderful! We’ve been pleased to be part of some awesome food ideas for weddings lately and the summer has to be one of the very best times to do it. When you’re looking for wedding caterers, Leicestershire has a good fair few, all whom have different things to offer. But, what you… Read more »

Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding

We’ve been having some gorgeous weather lately and it’s set the scene for some wow-tastic and stunningly beautiful outdoors nuptials! For anyone planning the perfect summer wedding, May to September is a great time of year to get married, as there’s every chance of getting some fine weather in and it seems that this year… Read more »

The Relaunch of Pipewell Hall!

If you are looking for a Northamptonshire outdoor wedding venue then you have found it! Pipewell Hall Weddings are re-launchng after 5 years of rest during that time the phone hasn’t stopped ringing despite the time off so it’s a Venue in demand. Carolyn Acton of Carolyn Acton Events comments: “We are hugely grateful to owners Mr… Read more »

Picking the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

  There’s only one word to describe a honeymoon and that has to be heaven! Whatever your paradise consists of, whether it’s white sands and crystal waters, active adventures, or cities and culture, the place that defines heaven in your book is absolutely where you need to be going, no questions asked! Picking the perfect… Read more »

How cool is this

When doing research for the How cool is this section of our blog we have a good look around the internet for whats cool etc. I literally typed in “cool wedding” and had a look through the different tabs, I clicked on the shopping tab which isn’t like me and scrolled down there they were these… Read more »

Spring showcase 2017!

Bawdon Lodge Farm and Sami tipi‘s the spring showcase weekend was a real success! Wow what a weekend! On saturday we had loads of show around tours of the farm and to show off the Tipis with a real Q&A session with award winning suppliers Sami tipi, Bawdon Lodge Farm and yours truly, we were able… Read more »