Mansfield Catering – How To Get Awesome Food For Your Event

Are you looking for a Mansfield catering company that can pack your event full of the WOW factor?  Far...

Mansfield Catering

Are you looking for a Mansfield catering company that can pack your event full of the WOW factor? 

Far too many times we’ve seen catering provided for events which truly lets the side down. Whatever type of do you’re holding – from weddings to birthday parties, or corporate gatherings, you owe it to yourself to be confident that the food and drink on offer is going to blow your guests away!

Here at Thomas Towers we reckon that having awesome food at your special occasion can be a huge factor in the success of it and we love it when we hear people say how much the guests commented favourably on the food.

We’ve provided Mansfield catering services for a fair few years now and are proud to say that our food has always gone down a storm. So, if you’re looking for a caterer in Mansfield, remember to give us a call to check our availability! 


Getting your Mansfield catering right

OK, so how do we ensure fantastic food at your event is guaranteed? 

If you’re wondering how to get bespoke, awesome tasting food at your event then there’s one big thing to get right and that’s making the catering right for the occasion.

In order to ensure our Mansfield catering services are spot on, we always take time to discover what will be happening at the event, how many people will be there and what sort of food will be most appropriate. You wouldn’t, for example, have a three course meal at a networking event, where it’s important that people mingle – it just wouldn’t fit.

We never churn out the same menus time and time again. Instead we take our time to find out exactly what it is that our clients really want from their Mansfield catering. Once we know what that is, we can devise the perfect menu to complement the event – from years of bespoke wedding catering (and other events too) we’re certain that the food will be 100% perfect for your requirements.

If you aren’t sure exactly what it is you’re looking for then, just by finding out about the theme and purpose of your event, we can provide bags of inspirational ideas. We love coming up with suggestions that our Mansfield catering clients might have never thought of before, such as the following: 

  • Urban street food 
  • Vast dishes of pasta or paella 
  • Luxurious handmade kebabs
  • A vintage afternoon tea
  • A countryside picnic with an array of gorgeous grazing tables
  • Selection of Middle Eastern cuisine 
  • An absolutely cracking array of canapes 
  • Beautiful bowl food 
  • A splendid variety of tapas to suit a wide range of tastes


Check availability for your date

The list of ideas we can mull over for your Mansfield catering is literally never ending, so get in touch with us today to discuss what the many options could be. Whether your occasion is indoors or outdoors, sit down or stand up dining, we’re guaranteed to provide a service that’s completely right for you. 

It’s never been easier to get your Mansfield catering bang on, so why not give a call to check our availability for your date? We look forward to being able to be part of what makes your special occasion truly amazing!

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