I find this time of year both exciting and wonderous,

You see the leaves on the trees changing to the golden beauty and all the winter warming dishes coming out of the recipe books like Hotpot,Cobbler and Shepherds Pie: all of those lovely one pot dishes served with a heaped spoon of greens oh my! A lovely glass of red and yippi di doo da day! I am a happy man.

My own food tastes are very simple, I like three or four flavours in a dish and really love them to speak volumes because I’m greedy but also because I love to taste exactly what I am eating in all its glory.

I have recently harvested my apples from our tree and the labour of love to peel and preserve compot and slice ready for pies is lengthy but worth it. My freezer is now full of sliced,diced, crushed, pickled, sweetened and wedged apples, needless to say we will be eating apples for a long time.

How about a Cinnamon Spiced Apple and Raisin Eton Mess.

Serves 6

300ml double cream,

200g soft light brown sugar

6 large apples, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks.

100g raisins

1 tsp cinnamon

4 meringue nests- YES bought in( remember this is meant to be simple!)

Put the apples into a large heavy based pan and add a little water, add the cinnamon and sugar, heat until softly boiling and lower to a simmer. Cook until just soft. Using either a masher or a hand blender crush the apples to leave a chunky puree, kind of like really lumpy mash…. (there is no right and wrong just how you like it) I like for the apples to retain a little of the texture but adding a little puree into the mix too!

Add the raisins and continue to cook for a few more minutes. Take off the heat to cool. Meanwhile in a bowl, whip the cream to soft peaks, crush the meringue in and fold in the apple mixture. Spoon in to bowls or glasses and serve for your buddies to enjoy.

I hope that you can find time to make this recipe and perhaps you could send me a photo to share on my social network.


Until next time, Speak Soon