We were pleased that we had chosen Thomas to provide the catering and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a caterer. People, with the best interests at heart, will often say to couples ” Oh my neighbour ‘does weddings’ she’ll sort you out a good price” And indeed she may “sort them a good price” but it isn’t always about price and price alone.

Anyone can run across to ASDA or where ever and buy a load of sandwiches, sausage rolls and mini-scotch eggs and claim they can “do buffet catering”. But Thomas offers something unique and that is food designed around the people who are going to be eating it, using the best ingredients available. Add to that the exemplary front-of-house service and all of a sudden Michelle’s “I’ll do everything for three hundred-and-fifty-quid” quote doesn’t look quite the bargain it appears to be! (apologies if you know of anyone of that name, used for illustrative purposes only! lol)

Thomas is a worthy winner for the Wedding Industry award and I wish him and the entire team every success.

Iain & Adam

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