Honestly the food, service and bar was exceptional, we and all our guest loved every minute of it. From meeting Callum on the Friday till they left it was perfection and more than we could have asked for. The staff serving the drinks and canapes where excellent and kept all our hungry guest happy some even positioned them selves to get more. They even brought us out a separate plate after the pictures to enjoy outside as 5 minutes of peace, the jerk chicken was my personal best. The starters a quote from her auntie “the best starter i have ever had at a wedding” and “so much delicious food” sounds to me like it went down well. I personally loved the main as well the steak was fantastic and was so happy you could incorporate all the last minute changes with guest etc. Even the photographer commented on how nice the food was.

We are currently sat here on a beach in the Maldives talking about how much we enjoyed the day and don’t think it would have been the same without Thomas’s input and Callum and his teams support there till the very end.

Thank you so much from the both of us.

Sarah & Dave

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