Chicken or Pork..??? {Wedding Catering dilemmas}

I asked last week about what you would like us to cover on our blog and one of our...

I asked last week about what you would like us to cover on our blog and one of our lovely brides for 2017 suggested….

Chicken or Pork?? Which one?

Well honestly there is not straight answer, both have pros and cons. I think over all the Meats there are on offer we have done an equal amount of Lamb, Beef, Pork AND Chicken we have even done venison and it went down brilliantly!

We have served beef beautifully roasted succulent joints to be carved at the tables swell as individual braised pieces of asian scented Beef shin.  `We have served slow roasted Pork shoulders and Chorizo stuffed Pork fillets. There truly is no right or wrong answer to what meat you choose, really it’s more down to what you love to eat.. some folk hate lamb some love it! when you are catering for 70-80-90-100 people it will be very hard to please everyone so have what you love to eat.. after all it is only one day ( an awesome one I know but its just one day!) Auntie Dorothy will go home and have a sarnie If she doesn’t like Beef and great uncle Cedric will probably do the same if its served with “that rice stuff where were tut taytos”

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Thomas Advice

Be selfish! have what you love to eat after all its YOUR wedding day NOT theirs.. you should make your decisions not only on food but everything to do with your wedding day selfishly. as you can only do it once it is should be AMAZING!

Pork Belly


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