How to choose your Wedding Date!

  So, a marvellous and magical proposal has been made and a wedding is on the cards – how...

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So, a marvellous and magical proposal has been made and a wedding is on the cards – how exciting! If you’re one of those loved up couples who has recently become engaged, then the next question you know that everyone is going to ask is, ‘so when’s the big day’?

But, if you haven’t got a clue how to choose your wedding date, then you might be stuck for the answer.

There’s every chance that at some point in your life, you’ve cast a casual thought towards what kind of wedding you would like, but in amongst all the romantic day dreaming, did you consider when it might be?

Perhaps there’s a date that’s of particular significance to you, or a time of year that perfectly suits the style of wedding you’ve been dreaming of. But if not, then then you might find the points below useful when planning the actual date for your big day.

Choosing a date – Considerations

Despite much of the choice being down to when you want your wedding to be, there are a few things to consider when setting a specific date and a couple of tweaks you might want to make to get it spot on:

• Time of year – want a snow capped wedding? Perhaps opt for winter. Love the sunshine? Go for late spring or summer.
• Where it’s going to be – if you have a particular venue in mind, check when it’s free.
• How much – unsurprisingly, weddings can differ dramatically in cost, depending on what time of year you tie the knot. Check it’s within your budget.
• Day of the week – it can be cheaper to get married in the week if the budget is tight – could this be possible?
• Availability – apart from you and your partner of course, is there anyone else who really must be there? Check their availability.
• Urgency – does your wedding date need to be sooner rather than later? Perhaps you have an ailing relative who you’d love to be there, for example.
• Is it feasible for work? – Some professions, such as teaching and accountancy have certain busy times of year which aren’t ideal to get married in.
• How about a significant date – the date you met for instance, or your parents wedding anniversary?
• Wedding abroad – bear in mind the weather is very different, so don’t plan to go in rainy season, for example.
• Is it outdoors? – Possibly best to choose a time of year when it’s less likely to rain in the UK.

Make sure you book your caterer for the day!

Another consideration is to ensure that the team who will make your day extra special are all available. Chances are you have a style and theme in mind and maybe even an idea of the perfect person to provide it.

So, if you have a particular photographer, florist or caterer in mind, then check that they can be there on the day. The secret to this is to plan well in advance and get them booked in nice and early.

If you would like to find out more about our availability for weddings in 2017 and 2018, then give us a shout.

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