Seven things to do with your old wedding props

Ah yes, so the wedding has been and gone sad face.. You no longer need to have a lounge...

Ah yes, so the wedding has been and gone sad face.. You no longer need to have a lounge the size of an aircraft hanger to store all your wedding props so lovingly collected for the past however many months…and your auntie Val is going to be happy that she doesn’t need to keep the 77 swans in her pond on the farm any more!

Horray (in a bitter sweet way)

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So what do you do with it all??? Well here are my 7 ideas for getting the best out of your old wedding props

  1. 1. Re-purpose. The old sewing maching you used as a card table… Perhaps you need a new sofa side coffee table or a new hall way desk??? With a lick of paint it will be good to go and in your own colour scheme too ( that is of course if you haven’t already decorated your house to the same style of your wedding).
  2. 2. EBAY. Obviously you can list all your left-over crafty bits, furniture well…. everything on Ebay and people will buy it..
  3. 3. Friends. No doubt you will have a friend who is getting married in a short while perhaps you could do them a favour and keep it in your shed till they get engaged!
  4. 4. Charity shop. You literally could just…. Politely now.. Dump it all at LOROS our chosen charity  they no doubt will sell it on to someone who wants it for their wedding!
  5. 5. Sell my wedding. There are dedicated websites to sell wedding props, sell my wedding is one!
  6. 6. Facebook selling groups. There must be millions now of local selling pages on Facebook.. I’m a part of a few locally to me, you can pick up a few diamonds on there (not literally calm down)
  7. 7. Become a stylist! Well you have already done it once. you have all the kit… you know how much it costs! ( please note becoming a stylist isn’t that straight forward) But in an ideal world. making pretty weddings is a lovely job :-).

So there you go, my seven things to do with your old wedding props… I’m sure there are way more than that.

PS I still have space hoppers, diablos, Ikea blankets and tea light holders.

PPS if you are looking for great stylists here are a few of our fave peeps to work with

Tickety Boo

Mad Philomena


Darby & Joan Vintage

All photos By Matt Brown Photography 



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