Tips for the Perfect Wedding Speech

Tommy’s Top Ten Tips For the Perfect Wedding Speech OK, sweaty palms time, let’s talk speeches. No pressure boys...

Tommy’s Top Ten Tips For the Perfect Wedding Speech

OK, sweaty palms time, let’s talk speeches. No pressure boys (and girls) but it is true what they say the words make the wedding, they remind your (often slightly snoozled by this point) guests the reason they’re all here – to share in your love, not just to eat amazing food, drink and be merry. So here are my top 10 tips to win over the room, please feel free to pass on to any best men, father of the brides or anyone planning on saying a few words on your big day:

1. Do Relax. Remember these are your nearest and dearest, they are rooting for you and understand how nerve-wracking it is.
2. Don’t Feel That You Have to Open with a Joke. It is better to start with an honest sentiment than a corny joke that falls flat.
3. Do Keep it Short and Snappy. No matter how funny or great a speech, no one wants to listen to an hour of the same person – unless of course your best man or father is Peter Kay.
4. Don’t Read Word for Word. Make a plan with bullet point notes to keep you on track but keep it natural with plenty of eye contact, no one wants to stare at the top of your head while you read word for word off an A4 script.
5. Do Practice. Read your speech to yourself and to a friend to test for any tongue twisters
6. Do Keep it Balanced. Many best man speeches are all about the groom with little ‘in’ jokes about the early days before he met the bride, remember to focus on them as a couple. Not only will this stop you alienating half the room but will also ensure you’re still in the good books long into their married life.
7. Do Keep it Classy. Remember that you have the happy couple’s family in the room so no insinuation of wild pasts for either party please.
8. Do Stay Sober. One drink for Dutch courage is OK but 10 not so good and will result in slurring, forgetting words and most likely an angry bride.
9. Do Finish With The Happily Ever After Thing. It may feel cheesy and done to death but wishing them a lifetime of happiness is the best way to end any speech – guaranteed to make the room feel warm and fuzzy. Resulting in a chorus of ‘aww’s and sentimental smiles before hopefully a well deserved round of applause.
10. Don’t Forget to Breathe. Take your time and speak a little more slowly and enjoy it.

Good luck guys and girls and just remember you can’t do worse than this fella!

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