Incredible salads!

Delicious meats!

Wow Fun desserts!

Philly and Josh’s menu was wowzers!


Asian beef “Bao”

Vietnameese prawn nem

Vegetable Gyoza Soy dipping sauce

Hoi sin duck pancakes.

Main course

Roast pork Chicaronnse

Slow roast Beef brisket, cumin, chilli and salt

Root vegeatable slaw

Grilled aubergine, pickled chilli and saffron yoghurt Courgette, Crispy onions

Wild rice, cinnamon, charred cauliflour and coriander.

Crispy caper, chervil, tarragon and mixed summer bean salad

Dessert canapes

Pimp your doughnut
Small doughnuts salted caramel sauce sprinkles, marshmallow and popping candy.
Chocolate brownies chocolate ganache and burnt white chocolate. Banoffee pie tarts.


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