Wedding Catering In Derby

We love providing wedding catering in Derby and it’s in no small part down to the fact that there...

Wedding Catering In Derby

We love providing wedding catering in Derby and it’s in no small part down to the fact that there are some absolutely gorgeous places to get married there.

Derbyshire is a county that is steeped in history, as well as being known for its culture and sporting prowess. Because of the diverse culture within the area it means there’s some amazing food to enjoy at the various cafes and restaurants – and absolutely no reason why this smashing array of culinary choice should not be extended to your wedding catering Derby, too. 

When people want to know if we include this fabulous city on our list of places in the East Midlands that we cater for, then the answer is of course, yes, we do catering in Derby! And we absolutely love the chance to make our wedding catering unique, marvellous and 100% tailored to the hopes and dreams of the happy couple!

If you’re planning a wedding in Derby this year, or in the years to come, then it’s massively important that you take the time to ensure the food you’ll be serving up on the big day will be guaranteed to make everyone go WOW! 

There should be no ‘been there and done it’ for your wedding food, instead, think more on a ‘smashing it out the ballpark’ level of lip smacking awesomeness.  


Wedding catering with the wow factor

Have something that’s different at your wedding from everything else that has gone before… go on, I dare you. 

Stuck for ideas? That’s not a problem either. The golden rule is to pour yourselves into every detail and that’s how to make it magical. If you’re still struggling, we will be more than happy to draw those ideas out of you like Albus Dumbledore with his pensieve.

When helping couples to plan their wedding food, I always take the time to listen and discover what means the most to them. It might be that they’re keen travellers and want a range of dishes from the parts of the world which hold the fondest memories for them. 

Or it could be that they’re so laid back that the thought of a stuffy sit down meal fills them with dread – in which case, delicious street food stalls might be a better prospect.  

There’s always a way to make your wedding food special – so throw the idea of set menus out of the window and get planning a menu that’s special to you. 

Unusual Derby wedding catering ideas might include the following:

  • Ice Cream Parlour 
  • Kebab Van 
  • Fish and Chips
  • Tapas 
  • Asian Fusion Feast
  • American-style BBQ 
  • Street Food 
  • Picnic in the park
  • Big Mac inspired burgers

There’s no set rules when it comes to wedding catering in Derby, so get ready to make your wedding food exactly what you want.


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