• When Simon proposed after 10 years and 2 kids and many, many home-cooked and meals out together our first thought was ‘we want awesome food!’. It’s safe to say, food is one of the intrinsic aspects of our relationship.

    Fran got googling venues and came away underwhelmed at the menu choices on offer. So she started googling independent and often supposedly ‘bespoke’ caterers coming away with the same sinking feeling after reading through endless, uninspiring set menus.

    She then stumbled across Thomas.

    From the first phone-call where Thomas apologised that the phone-call was ‘a little late’ (a couple of minutes), he was was ‘having a debate about cheese’ to the box of treats and questionnaire to get to know us all culminating in a delicious nibble filled meeting at Thomas Towers, we knew we had found the right Caterer.

    Thomas really spends the time to get to know his clients, making the process genuinely fun and resulting in the most perfect, personal food for your big day.

    Callum and the front of house team could not be faulted, helping us set up the day before the wedding, making the marquee look perfect. Service was seemless and drink and food just seemed to flow out of the kitchen.

    Thank you for helping to make our wedding food to totally ‘us’!

    Fran & Simon.

    Fran & Simon

    Wedding Catering