• Honestly I loved every single thing from beginning to end! The survey at the start was incredible, we filled it in and then when we went to see Thomas, we said all these things we wanted. He said you know none of these foods are in your fave food on the survey… we were like “oh yeah” what are we doing?!?!? So then we had all of our fave foods, Pies, Roasties, cheese on toast!

    On the day WOW just insane the day was perfect Thomas was PERFECT!

    Thomas even had an oven crisp the door fell off he had to get another one delivered in an emergency!@ nothing was disrupted, for was perfect and i had no idea the it even happened!!

    HE IS INCREDIBLE, can handle whatever is thrown at him and create our absolute dream menu!

    Sarah & Sam Krarup.


    Sarah & Sam

    Wedding Catering