Catering for Kids at Weddings

Catering for kids at weddings  Play with your food If you are inviting little ones to your big day,...

Catering for kids at weddings 

Child friendly canapés

Play with your food

If you are inviting little ones to your big day, you’ll probably need a separate children’s menu.  Your three course, Moroccan feast will be a huge hit with the adults but may not be so popular with the lil cherubs. They’ll no doubt prefer bangers and mash to cumin dusted lamb (“it’s too spicy“) with crisp seasonal salads (“What’s that green thing!”) and Persian rice (“I just don’t like it!“). Luckily catering for kids at weddings can be so much fun. With a little imagination you can design some super cool dishes; guaranteed to please even the fussiest little food critics.

Child’s Play

Budget is often the main issue when deciding whether to include children but talk to your caterers as they should offer special menus and pricing for children. Older children or those more adventurous eaters may be happy to have a smaller portion or they may need something completely different.

Top TIP: Speak to the parents about what the children normally eat, there is no point paying for a full meal if little Jimmy only eats green bananas and red Hoola Hoops. Some parents may bring their own food for smaller children and babies or just ask for something simple like a sandwich and fruit.

Also, don’t just go by the age of the child, ask mum or dad. A ten year old may eat only chips but a two year old might eat his own meal, his mum’s, his sister’s and still want pudding (Yep, I’m speaking from experience here).

Luckily your caterers will be more than happy to help. Just let them know the number of children, ages and dietary requirements and they’ll work their magic.

Cute kid friendly canapés


Child-friendly Canapes

When catering for kids at weddings there is usually a separate kid’s menu at the wedding breakfast but they are often forgotten during the drinks reception. Why not include some child-friendly options such as mini burgers, garlic doughballs or veggie smiley faces while the gown ups are tucking into their salmon blini or steak wrapped chip. Keep it simple with mini milkshakes and cookies, perfect for the lil lambs to sup while mummy and daddy sip a glass of fizz.

Milk and cookies

Mini popcorn packages

Milkshakes and marshmallows

Mac N Cheese Bites

Mini fish

Mini sausages with ketchup

Veggie smiley faces

Mini Yorkies with gravy

Childrens milkshakes

Fit for a Prince (or Princess)

Here is where you can have lots of fun, like homemade mini picnic meals or  ‘happy meal’ style packs (with little coloured packets of yummy yet healthy stuff and a toy of course). Older children will love spaghetti dishes with crusty garlic bread, mini lasagnes or crispy chicken goujons with triple cooked chips and loadsa tomato sauce. If you have specific themes, you can tailor the catering for kids to this style so they don’t feel left out.

For Younger Children:

‘Happy meals’ in a colourful box with sandwiches, fruits, biscuits and a toy

Little coloured packages with homemade chicken or fish goujons with chips and ketchup

Mini cheese and ham toasties

Crudites, bread sticks and cheese bites with dipping sauces (just be careful near mummy’s dress)

Pasta shapes with bolognese sauce

Mini fish bites with sweet potatoes

Wrapped up in cute props

Older Children

Half portion of the main

Mini lasagnes with crusty garlic bread

Crispy chicken goujons with triple cooked chips and loadsa tomato sauce

Fish and chips, peas, tartar sauce

Meatballs, penne pasta and tomato ragu

Cheese burgers with triple cooked chips and burger relish

Sausage and mash, carrot and broccoli

Kids burger and chips

For Dessert

Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Baby ice cream sundae

Fruit salad pots with cream

Fruit skewers

Mini Cheesecake with sprinkles and fruit

Child friendly dessertsIce cream sundae

Top TIP: To keep the kids entertained throughout the meal why not pop an activity pack with colouring books and puzzles to keep them out of mischief during speeches.

Activity packs for children

So, if you are inviting the entire flock including the wee lambs to your wedding and need some more inspiraton for creating a menu that will be knock their little socks off then get in touch today.

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