Every Leicester wedding caterer should have these qualities!

It sucks when I hear about weddings where the bride and groom aren’t impressed with the catering. It makes...


It sucks when I hear about weddings where the bride and groom aren’t impressed with the catering. It makes me realise how important it is that when you’re planning a wedding, you should pick the caterer that is right for you.

And this means one which will not only offer amazing food and drink, but come with all the other good qualities too, such as the right attitude and understanding that each wedding should be different and unique. Only this way can you know that your big day is going to be the best it can be and I think every Leicester wedding caterer should have these qualities.

Here’s a handy checklist for any soon to be married couples out there which should help when it comes to sussing out a good wedding caterer.

13 qualities!

  • Do you get on well with them? Always a good start!
  • Do they seem like they know their stuff? There’s a lot to be said for experience and the ability to organise well.
  • Have good things been said about them already? Check out the reviews.
  • Is the catering they provide of high quality? Because you want the best for your wedding.
  • Do they have a positive attitude? It’s a happy occasion – make sure the catering team will enhance this.
  • Have they got great stamina, energy and inner strength? There are some long days in event catering, can they hack it?
  • Can they work well under pressure? See above!
  • Do they seem creative and imaginative? Because there should be nothing standard and samey about your wedding day menu.
  • Do they communicate well? Make sure they are able to listen to you and take on board what you want.
  • Are they aware of different diets and religious beliefs that might affect the menu?
  • Are they on time? It might be a good indicator of whether things will happen when they’re supposed to and on time for your big day.
  • Do they have great culinary knowledge and a love of food and drink? This is the best way to ensure your menu is fabulous!
  • Are they a good problem solver? Because big events can come with the odd problem or two. Know that they are going to fix it.

    In need of a Leicester wedding caterer

    Our catering team is proud of the fact that we can offer all of the above to meet the catering needs of any special occasion. If you are in need of a Leicester wedding caterer, give us a shout today to find out more about what we can do for your wedding.

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