How Small Wedding Catering Can Be Awesome

Got a wedding coming up and wondering how to make small wedding catering work for you?  Yes, it goes...

How Small Wedding Catering Can Be Awesome

Got a wedding coming up and wondering how to make small wedding catering work for you? 

Yes, it goes without saying that weddings have taken a different path over the last couple of years. Thanks to the curse of COVID-19, large gatherings went out of the window and weddings, instead, have become smaller and more intimate occasions. 

It’s easy to feel rubbish about it, but, do you know what? Every cloud and all that! Instead of letting it get us down that we can’t throw massive great parties at the moment, we’ve had the chance to explore how smaller wedding catering can bring something truly fabulous to your big day. So, here’s what we’ve found…


Putting The WOW Into Small Weddings

While some people have chosen to put their wedding date off, others have opted to look at things from a different angle and work with the possibilities that a smaller wedding can provide. Small wedding catering, for example, can be all the more awesome because there’s no risk of things seeming mass produced and boring thanks to a ton of food being churned out like it’s on a factory production line, ready to feed the starving masses. 

Instead, more time and effort can be spent over getting every single little detail right. The quality of the food can be much more exquisite, because the costs are lower and there’s also an even greater choice of venue when your wedding party size is smaller. 

Quirky little romantic nooks and crannies are all of a sudden on the table again and the happy couple can get even more chances to spend time with their nearest and dearest, without fear of spreading themselves too thinly! 

For the chosen few who are able to attend, small wedding catering can become totally and utterly OUT OF THIS WORLD awesome, because, not only is the wedding food 100% bespoke to the bride and groom, but there’s every chance it can be tailored to fit the tastes of the guests attending, too. 


Choosing The Right Wedding Food For You

Small wedding catering is about choosing dishes that are special to you. It’s time to really push the boat out with your choices and it’s important to really make the effort to explore what they are. 

Some people, for example, will choose a wedding menu that’s suitable for the venue, while other, more adventurous couples might give the wedding catering a theme all of its own (we like this!). 

If you’re wondering how to decide what you want in your catering, then we’re bursting with ideas. Special small wedding catering could take the form of the following, for example: 

  • Food in the style of your local takeaway
  • Dishes from your favourite country 
  • A country style picnic 
  • Street food stalls 
  • Delicious handmade canapes 
  • Tasting menu of many courses 
  • Specially sourced seafood 
  • A huge handmade pizza party 

But don’t just take it from us – try for yourself, because we’re now able to offer you the chance to book a taster session again! 


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