Our wedding event catering – The Ultimate 2021 Guide

With an end in sight for lockdown, weddings later on this year and the next are going to be...

Our wedding event catering - The Ultimate 2021 Guide

With an end in sight for lockdown, weddings later on this year and the next are going to be more fabulous than ever, so, if one of those weddings will be yours, make sure to get your wedding event catering bang on for what is going to be a big day like no other!

If Boris is to be believed, there’s every chance that things might start looking a bit more like they used to, come the second half of the summer. And, even if the number of guests is still restricted, there’s bags of opportunity to make the big occasion totally and utterly amazeballs! 


Put The WOW In Wedding Catering 

We know that getting your wedding event catering right is a biggie when it comes to smashing that wedding so far out of the ballpark, that astronomers will be naming a new star after it. But what is so special about wedding catering?

Well, firstly, it depends on who you get in to do it. You need a wedding caterer with oodles of creative flair, one who will take the time to understand you as the happy couple, listen to what you want (and probably be a little bit on the nutty side too). 

Wedding event catering should never come from a standard template or set menu, because we are all very different as individuals and wedding food is much more than just filling hungry tummies. 

Remember to ask potential wedding event caterers plenty of questions, as well as ensuring they get a good idea of what you’re all about. Ask questions such as the different styles of food they provide, can they do indoor and outdoor catering, can they do the bar as well as the food, if they provide waiting staff and whether they can make the date for your wedding.

There are some other things to consider when planning your wedding event catering, too: 

  • Will the food suit the time of year?
  • Will the food you choose be in season?
  • Are there any guest dietary requirements to consider? 
  • How will the food be presented – eg. buffet, grazing tables, sit down meal etc
  • Can you taste the food before, to ensure it’s right for you?
  • How many will you be catering for?
  • Will the location suit the catering you’re looking to provide? 


East Midlands Wedding Event Catering 

Our wedding event catering is available all over the East Midlands and the areas that we cover include Leicestershire and Rutland, Loughborough, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire.   

When you’re looking to get your wedding food spot on, never be afraid to try something different at your wedding. If you’re stuck for ideas, we can help you explore the possibilities, until you decide on the catering that’s absolutely perfect for you and your partner. 

For example, do you have family heritage from a different country which you would like to pay tribute to in the food you serve? Perhaps you are vegans or vegetarians and want to show the world just how delicious and exciting this type of food can be. Remember, that wedding food needs to be part of what goes into making your wedding day all about you. 


Check Availability For Your Date 

Get in touch with us today for a friendly chat about your wedding plans, find out more about the wedding event catering we can provide and check our availability for your date. We are 100% committed to getting that wedding food perfect for you, so give us a call or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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