Need Unique Catering For Your Wedding?

We all deserve a darn good bit of cheering up after the year it’s been so far, and what...

Wedding Catering In Derby

We all deserve a darn good bit of cheering up after the year it’s been so far, and what better way to do it than by having a wedding with some unique catering!

Yes, there are still some restrictions in place with regard to numbers of guests, which sucks muchly if you’ve got a big family or bags of friends, but let’s make the most of the situation! 

I can’t think of anything more boring than a set menu. The same old tired food, churned out time and time again at weddings. Ughh. 

A wedding day is all about the people getting married, not every other Tom, Dick and Harry who’s been up the aisle before! And, when it comes to your wedding food, factoring in some unique catering which speaks oceans about yourselves as the happy couple is absolutely the way forward! 

Whether it’s a sit-down meal, food al fresco, or grazing tables that floats your boat, there are so many ways to present your unique catering to ensure it fits totally with the style and theme of your day. So it’s easy to see why, with a bit of creative flair, it’s possible to make the style of your wedding catering completely bespoke to you. 

Then there’s the choice of food you’ll have… when it’s unique catering we’re talking about there is nothing that’s off limits!


Time to get creative!

We have done some really unusual wedding catering in the past and it’s an excellent way to make a real statement and create a day that absolutely will never be forgotten – for all the right reasons, of course! 

When you whack a big dollop of creativity and culinary genius into the mix, added to a good sprinkling of the happy couple’s favourite things, you’re bound to come out with something completely spectacular! Some more unusual unique wedding catering ideas include the following for your wedding breakfast: 

  • Fish and Chips in cones
  • Pizza bar 
  • Popcorn and Candy bar 
  • Best ever kebabs 
  • Fondue 
  • Street food from your favourite far flung destination
  • A vast dish of Spanish paella 
  • Mini versions of the classics, such as roast beef and yorkshire pudding bites
  • Sharing platters 
  • Vintage afternoon tea

The main thing to remember is that you can have absolutely whatever you want! If ice cream sundaes are your thing, roll on the flavours! If Mexican or Thai street food reminds you of a wonderful holiday that you shared, why not remind yourself of it again at your wedding?


Come and try some of our ideas!

It’s your chance to make you and your guests happy with the wonders of some sumptuous food. And of course, being creative little bodies at Thomas Towers, we love nothing more than chucking around a few fabulous unique catering ideas!

Get yourself along for a superb tasting session with us and let us spark your imagination. Actually forget sparks, there will be plenty of them at the wedding… we’re going to set your creative juices on fire!


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