What Makes Wedding Food Catering Special?

Hands up who wants wedding food catering that is mediocre and boring? How about a wedding breakfast that you’ve...

Wedding Food Catering

Hands up who wants wedding food catering that is mediocre and boring? How about a wedding breakfast that you’ve seen about a billion times before? I’m guessing that if you’re planning a wedding then this is most definitely not you – and nor should it be!! 

This is the biggest and best day of your life DAGNABBIT and to go with it, the food absolutely has to be the very best anyone has ever seen!! (Aim high, that’s what I say!) 

So what makes it special? Well, there are a few little secrets to getting your wedding food catering bang on and here’s how it’s done…


The essentials of wedding food catering

Believe it or not, the secret formula for brilliant wedding food catering doesn’t start with the actual food. After all, there’s no point having some awesome food planned, if the person who’s putting it together has about as much imagination and interest in what they’re doing as a cardboard cut out. 

Check out your caterers, scout around and find out what others had to say about the work they’ve done before. Could you see yourself having wedding food provided by them?

Ask the right questions from your potential caterer too, such as: 

  • ‘What styles of food can you prepare?’
  • ‘Do you go beyond set menus?’
  • ‘Can your cater for a variety of dietary requirements?’
  • ‘Can you cater on our date, at our venue?’
  • ‘Can I try the food first?’ (most important)
  • ‘Are waiting staff provided, as well as caterers?’
  • ‘Do you provide drinks as well as food?’
  • ‘What about extra pop-ups – such as a sweet cart, ice cream stand, or mimosa bar?’ 
  • ‘Will you clear everything away afterwards?’

The presentation of your wedding food catering is one to consider too. For example, think ‘how’ do you want people to eat, before you think about ‘what’ they’re eating – would it be a buffet, sit down meal, grazing tables, food stations, al fresco dining, for example? 


What will make wedding food catering special?

When thinking about how and what you want people to eat, it’s also important to consider the seasonality – whether the way they’re going to be eating is suitable for the time of year and whether the food you want is in season.  You get the idea. Once all that’s sorted, it’s time to decide on a menu.

The way to make the wedding food truly special is to make it bespoke to fit your requirements as a couple (ie include your favourite foods) and also plan it to suit the guest’s specific requirements. 

Why not book a free tasting session with us and have a try of some of the different types of wedding food catering there are to explore? It might help to give you some inspiration on what would make the perfect wedding food catering for you. 


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