How to Get the Most Out of Wedding Reception Catering

One of the biggest bits to get absolutely bang on when planning your wedding is your wedding reception catering. ...

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One of the biggest bits to get absolutely bang on when planning your wedding is your wedding reception catering

Let’s face it, you want your guests to go away from the big day absolutely buzzing about what an amazing time they’ve had. And that’s not likely to happen if they’ve spent the day hungry because the wedding reception catering was either pretty shoddy or non-existent. 

There’s just so much you can do with wedding food to ensure it WOWS even the fussiest of eaters and there are so many ways to serve it to ensure it fits perfectly with the style of your big day. 

A great way to ensure you pull some amazing wedding catering out of the bag is not only by picking a recommended wedding reception caterer and making sure they can cook. Get to know them and ensure they’re your kind of person – and as such, are going to fully understand exactly what it is you’re looking for in your wedding reception catering. 

Ask The Right Questions 

Before you do anything, make sure you’ve thoroughly checked out any potential wedding caterer, by reading up on any awards they’ve won and seen what people who have used them before had to say. 

Perhaps get in touch with some of the venues that they’ve worked at in the past and find out whether they would recommend them. Be guaranteed that your wedding caterer is good as they say they are because you’re only doing this once and it has to be 100% perfect.

Once you have a caterer in mind and you’ve done your homework, what sort of questions should you ask the wedding caterer and what kind of answers should you expect? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • What styles of catering can you do? 
  • Where have you catered before?
  • Would you be able to cater to our venue?
  • Are you available on the date?
  • Are your menus fixed or can we choose our own food?
  • Can you provide drinks as well as food? 
  • Do you provide waiting staff? 
  • Can you provide cooking facilities, glassware and tableware?
  • Can we try the food beforehand?

With the right wedding reception catering company, you should be able to choose your own menus and make them fit with the style of your wedding, rather than the other way round. You should also expect to be given a choice of food presentation, such as a buffet, sit down meal, or cocktail party style. This again should fit in with the overall plans for the day and the time of year

Take Care Of Dietary Requirements

There are dietary requirements to think about too. There’s no use putting on a hearty hog roast, if most of your guests are vegan, for example. Or perhaps, you have guests with food allergies or chronic medical conditions and you need to ensure they don’t come into contact with any food that is going to make them unwell. 

Wedding reception catering isn’t just about the food either. Check that your caterer will set up the food stations and clear it all away afterwards. Discuss budgets to ensure the caterer can provide what you’re looking for in your wedding reception catering, at the right price, too.

Fancy a taster?

At Thomas Towers we are madly passionate about food and absolutely love creating new and bespoke wedding food designed to inspire and delight every single wedding guest we have the pleasure to cater for. 

But don’t just take it from us – why not come and try some of our tasty treats for yourself? 

Give me a shout to book a time to come along and visit us for a taster session! 

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