Wedding Caterers In Lincolnshire

So many people have asked us do we do wedding catering in Lincolnshire – and of course the answer...

So many people have asked us do we do wedding catering in Lincolnshire – and of course the answer is yes! What award-winning East Midlands wedding caterer wouldn’t?! 

Lincolnshire is a lovely county with some absolutely amazing wedding venues, such as the Granary Wedding Barn, Stoke Rochford Hall, Burghley House, Irnham Hall and Harlaxton Manor, so it would only be right for us to make our wedding catering services available there, as well as in other parts of the Midlands.

Finding the right caterer for a Lincolnshire wedding is a choice that should be made by the happy couple. After all, the catering should perfectly complement the style of the day and be a reflection of the couple themselves. 

If you’re the ones getting married, your Lincolnshire wedding caterers should be able to incorporate your personalities and your vision of what makes a perfect day. If that’s chips in newspaper cones, or a kebab van, then that’s absolutely what you should get! 

Gone are the days of stuffy set menus and fussy, unpleasant and over-complicated food, so make sure it’s something that you and your guests will enjoy and talk about for years to come!


Things to check

You need to make sure that an external caterer is allowed at your wedding venue. Some venues are annoyingly stuck in their ways about what you’ll eat and who will prepare it, so it’s a big thing to check before you book the venue – especially if you want to do the catering your way! 

Remember, when finding the right wedding caterer, it’s important to check what people who have used the caterer before have said. Read online reviews, check them out on Google and get recommendations from friends and family. 

To ensure you get your decision right, a few questions to ask potential wedding caterers in Lincolnshire are as follows: 

  • Are they available on your wedding day?
  • Can they provide staff to set up, serve and then clear away afterwards? 
  • Can you try the food beforehand? 
  • What kind of facilities will they need? (You’ll need to check the venue can offer these)
  • Can they accommodate your budget?
  • Can the caterer provide drinks, as well as food? 
  • Would they be able to provide a children’s menu (if required) 


What you’ll eat

Choosing food that’s special to you is absolutely vital. This is a day that will be like no other. So it has to be special and it has to be right up your street. 

Yes, it’s important to give some consideration to dietary requirements of the guests (they have to enjoy the day, too) but ultimately treat yourself to something that you absolutely love or that holds special memories, such as regional food from an area that you’ve travelled to, which is close to your heart.


Check availability for your date

A big must, when picking wedding caterers in Lincolnshire, as we’ve mentioned before, is to try before you buy. Get a slot tasting the food you want at your wedding and be sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. 

A good caterer should also be able to discuss alternatives and throw ideas your way, if the style or contents of the food isn’t quite right.Give us a call today to find out more about our Lincolnshire wedding caterer services and check availability for your date. We look forward to getting all creative with you!

Check availability for your date

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