Outdoor Wedding Catering In Rutland – The Ultimate Guide

We absolutely love it when we get the chance to provide wedding catering in Rutland – it’s such a...

What We Love About Wedding Event Catering

We absolutely love it when we get the chance to provide wedding catering in Rutland – it’s such a stunning county! 

With Rutland Water and Oakham Castle being just a couple of the amazing attractions that bring people in from miles around, it means there are some absolutely awesome wedding venues to choose from. And now that the warmer weather is here, outdoor wedding catering in Rutland is on the cards more often too!

The reason why outdoor wedding catering is so awesome is because it really opens up the possibilities for the style of your wedding and of course the ways to serve up your wedding catering.  Instead of being stuck in a function room that’s been used a million times before, you could plump for something completely different from anything that’s ever been done before.

Want to sit on hay bales around a campfire in the middle of a field? Not a problem! Perhaps the thought of setting up some tipis by the river sounds amazing – again it’s totally doable. And of course, that means that the wedding food you choose can be really different, too. 


Unusual Outdoor Wedding Catering In Rutland

We absolutely love a challenge and the chance to do something that’s not been considered before and can turn any setting into an outdoor working kitchen, so there’s no concern that your catering for your Rutland wedding will be a problem.

Different themes of food you can have at an outdoor wedding can include the following: 

  • Street food trucks and stalls 
  • Hog roast 
  • Kebab stand
  • Fish and chips in newspaper cones
  • Vintage afternoon tea, picnic style 
  • Woodfired pizza 
  • Cheese and charcuterie board
  • Barbecue Bonanza
  • Fondue 
  • Huge dishes of Spanish paella

Having a wedding that’s held outdoors offers a great opportunity to place no restrictions on what you can do and throw convention out of the window when it comes to your bespoke wedding. And of course, your wedding guests will love it! 

It’s also worth taking into account that, with all of the problems with the pandemic lately, it means that guests might feel more comfortable with your Rutland wedding being held outdoors. If the weather lets you down, there are also some great contingencies that can be put in place, too, such as overhead canopies, or an open sided marquee.


Fancy trying out our food ideas?

If the thought of doing something a bit different for your Rutland wedding catering sounds amazing, but you are unsure about how it might go down with guests on the day, then why not come along and try it out? 

We love to welcome happy couples to Thomas Towers to have a chat about their wedding food possibilities and let them have a taste. So book a taster session today and look forward to a ton of treats in store!


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