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The gawjuss countryside which surrounds Leicestershire includes the county of Rutland over to the east – and for anyone...

Rutland catering

The gawjuss countryside which surrounds Leicestershire includes the county of Rutland over to the east – and for anyone looking for Rutland catering, it’s always a pleasure for our team to be part of some of the fabulous events which are held there.

As a county which is blessed with some of the loveliest places to visit in the nearby area, this naturally means that it’s going to have its fair share of amazing wedding venues. 

Take the beautiful and dramatic setting of the historic Great Hall of Oakham Castle, or the magnificent opportunity to enjoy a completely bespoke wedding at the Ladywood Estate. It’s all there and ready to offer happy couples the wedding of their dreams, so when people ask do we offer wedding catering in Rutland, then of course, the answer is yes! 

I love the opportunity to get really creative with my Rutland catering and having an amazing backdrop to provide it in is something which really gets the creative juices flowing – not that they weren’t already causing a flood at Thomas Towers to start with!


Take The Time To Get It Right

Wherever it is you’re holding your Rutland wedding, whether it’s in a tipi in the middle of a field, on the south shore of Rutland Water, or in the great hall of a magnificent castle, it’s so important to make sure that the food you’re providing not only suits your location (and your guests), but it is also a part of you. That means no same old, same old. 

Deciding on your Rutland wedding catering should take time and a great deal of thought to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. What makes our wedding catering so different is that it is completely bespoke, each and every time – from the style and theme of the catering to the actual food and drink that is served. There’s no limit to the possibilities and that’s the way to guarantee your food will be totally magical.


Bespoke Rutland Wedding Catering 

One of the biggest things to check before you book your wedding caterer is that they will take the time to really get to know you and what you’re looking for in your wedding food – and then be fully able to turn it into a marvellous reality.

Wedding catering needs to add some real flavour and flare to the day. It has to be something which guests go away talking about and the secret to ensuring that is taking time to listen to the needs and desires of the people who the day is all about – namely, the newlyweds.

Take the wedding of Lauren and Thomas for example – they liked the thought of a picnic theme which made the most of local food. A picnic for a wedding? At first you might think, surely that can’t be special enough for a wedding. Well, guess what? With a good dollop of creative flair and plenty of discussion with the happy couple, we were able to turn it into a feast fit for a king! 

Other unusual and exciting styles and themes you might choose for your wedding food might include the following:

  • Smashing Street Food 
  • Asian Fusion Feast 
  • American Pit Style BBQ 
  • Middle Eastern Extravaganza 
  • Beautiful Bowl Food 
  • Fabulous Fish and Chips 
  • Tasty Tapas 
  • Vibrant Vegetarian and Vegan Catering


Check Availability For Your Date

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