Finding Funeral Catering in Leicester

It goes without saying that funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life are not easy times and neither is...

Finding Funeral Catering in Leicester

It goes without saying that funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life are not easy times and neither is organising them, so if you find yourself looking for funeral catering in Leicester, it can be hard to know where to begin. 

The last thing you might want to worry about is whether those attending the wake will be well-fed, but, as a fundamental part of it, this is something which is important to get right. 

Although far from a jolly occasion, the provision of food and drink at a wake gives others the chance to celebrate the life of a loved one, while being there to pay their respects, share memories and support close friends and family. 

It’s becoming increasingly popular to opt for funeral catering in Leicester, as opposed to going to the effort of preparing home-made food. Finding professional funeral catering means that this side of the funeral preparations can all be taken care of on the day – from the setting up stages at the beginning, to the tidying away at the end. 


Things to consider 

When finding funeral catering in Leicester, it’s important to ensure that, not only will the food be of a high standard, but that the people serving it will be respectful of the situation in every way. The sort of food that you provide may differ, depending on the following: 

  • Culture
  • Wishes/ favourite food of the deceased 
  • Dietary requirement of mourners 
  • Location and size of the venue
  • Facilities available 
  • Time allocated for the wake
  • Whether it will be a sit-down or stand up meal

These considerations and more can be discussed with a professional funeral caterer, who will be able to come up with a menu which will perfectly suit the nature of the wake.  

Chances are that grazing tables, finger food or a buffet could be the best way forward, as these allow people to mingle with each other to show support and come and go, as and when it’s needed. There are a variety of selections of food to go for which will ensure that everyone is well catered for. Using a buffet or a grazing table could be a great way to ensure all needs are catered for.


In the hands of the professionals 

At Thomas the Caterer, we take pride in offering a full catering service in Leicester which will mean the day runs as smoothly as possible. 

Our warm and friendly team will be on hand to set up the catering tables, welcome guests and check that everything goes exactly the way it is supposed to. In addition, we will take the time to guarantee that the type of food mourners are provided with is everything that it needs to be, as we realise how important it is to get everything right on such a difficult day. 

In the days leading up to the funeral, we will talk through your options for Leicester funeral catering with you, to ensure everything is 100% correct.


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When you choose our funeral catering in Leicester, it means a weight taken off your mind as there’s no need to worry about doing the catering yourself in these difficult times.

You can check the availability of your date online and give Thomas a call today for a sympathetic, gentle and understanding talk through what your options are.

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