Ideas for wedding catering Styles

Ideas: Wedding catering styles Most people know exactly what ideas for their wedding catering style they want. Be it...

Grazing table

Ideas: Wedding catering styles

Most people know exactly what ideas for their wedding catering style they want. Be it a street food Fiesta, Table sharing Feasts or a sit down meal with the same formality as the Queen would expect ( I heard she was actually really “street” about it all )

“Yo Jeeves bring me da M & Ms innit”

That would be so cool to see! At Thomas the caterer we have done many many different wedding catering styles over the years here are a few of the best ones! ( We think)

So what are the wedding catering styles ?

Here are some of the ideas for wedding catering styles we do here at Thomas the Caterer:


Yes a sit down meal is an idea for a wedding catering style. It’s a classic idea! This is for me where the food is full on fine dining, every gets their own plate of food with a lot of love ( not that any other style lacks in love)  put into the presentation of food si if you are a”neat freak” (Sorry) and you like elegant classic things this is provable for you!

Formal wedding catering

Table Sharing

More than half of our clients go for this idea for their wedding catering heaps!! Its quite literally heaps of scrumptious mouth watering food for your guests to eat and drool over. This is very popular we love doing this style as the food becomes the table centre piece. You can have it waiting for you as you sit down to the wedding breakfast or indeed the plates will come in bountiful quantities as you sit down to enjoy your meal with your friends and family.

table sharing wedding catering

Grazing Buffets & Tables

Graze the new CRAZE! These have some show stopping impact but we’ve yet to find a way of serving them hot, without the long wait and queue up situation.. Grazing tables do however gets rid of all that queuing you can have multiple grazing tables set up around your venue with less people at each. We offer a few set styles of grazing table such as our famous “WOK AND ROLL” and the ever popular “TOTALLY ENGLISH DARLING”  Alternatively you can have these set up on planks in the middle of the table propped up by some terracotta plat pots ( or whatever you stylist suggests)

Grazing table

Cake & Canapes

For a relaxed perhaps smaller event you can have a selection of delectable canapés and cake perhaps with some champagne or Prosecco and even yummy cocktails! Let you guests roam freely at your venue letting them enjoy a more relaxed catering style idea and also making sure that darn cake gets eaten! (To be clear we always cut your cake up… no problem all apart of the service… (it does get forgotten at weddings we know that) Cut squares of manageable cake deliciousness brought to you by polite smart front of house staff.\


Street Food

This is what Queen wanted at Harry & Meghans wedding, they said “bowls” to that 🙂 (wedding catering inside joke sorry) Yep it’s is still very popular for the festival going cool dudes who want to bring a feel of worldy food flavours back to their venue Pizza, Fish & Chips, Fully loaded Burgers , Nachos, Taco, Pan-asian all still top the list for some and so it should be they’ve got some serious flavours up their sleeve!

Sharing Food


Harry & Meghan opted for this idea for their wedding catering style smaller bowls not to share but for each guest to enjoy like a tasing menu but less fine dining. (Although I’m sure H&M had some properly pooopon laddee dar things in their bowls!)

Bowl food style wedding catering


We are still seeing the rise and rise of the “Tapas Train” and I am fully onboard CHOO CHOO!!! Last train to Spain here we come – {Record screeches off the turn table!}  we don’t need to go to Spain though! Oh no anything can work in a TAPAS STYLE this wedding catering idea is one that will give your guests <Puts on spanish accent> “ha-lotta hoptions”. We have done Korean chicken, fully loaded Yorkshire puddings and fish and chips along side the more Spanish Croquettas de Jambon, Albondigas and Bruscetta world tapas is a real thing and it REALLY works!

Sharing Food


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