Unusual wedding catering

  If you want to make a real statement with your wedding, a totally unforgettable way to do it...


If you want to make a real statement with your wedding, a totally unforgettable way to do it has to be through the food. It’s a chance to whack some real personality into the day and there’s nothing better than unusual wedding catering – creating something eye catching and fabulous to offer your guests.

These days a lot of the wedding breakfast ideas tend to be about choice. But instead of a boring buffet, how about a food bar? There are endless types you can have depending on the food and drink you love, the style of the day and your very own unique personality. Here are ten just for starters to whet your appetite…

A few unusual ideas 

  • Fast food bar – if you’re a fan of KFC or kebabs, why not bring it to your wedding?
  • Pizza bar – gorgeous home made pizza personalised to perfection for each and every guest.
  • S’mores bar – this sweet US campfire speciality doesn’t have to just be for scout camp!
  • Fondue – sweet or savoury, healthy or decadent, the possibilities are endless.
  • Chilli bar – perfect for a winter wedding to warm the cockles.
  • Popcorn bar – delicious to snack on throughout the wedding.
  • Candy bar – bring the Woolies pick n mix counter to your wedding and provide a treat for all ages!
  • Waffle bar – so delicious warm with ice cream and chocolate sauce, but why settle for just one option when you can have a whole table full of things to enjoy!
  • Milk and cookies – not just a treat for the kids, you can include grown up milkshakes and all sorts!
  • Burger bar – delicious take on the barbecue idea, especially if your wedding breakfast is outdoors.

We can do whatever you want! 

Your guests may not remember everything about your big day, hopefully chances are they’ll be too busy having fun. But, one way to ensure you leave a lasting impression is by doing something exciting and fun with the food you offer.

When it comes to wedding food, there’s nothing that we won’t try to achieve so get creative and get in touch with your out there and unusual plans. 

Contact me to discuss your unusual wedding catering 

To find out more, give me a call. Even if you’re stuck for ideas but know you want to do something different, it’s always a pleasure to conjure up something completely off the wall. Contact me to discuss your unusual wedding catering today.

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