Wedding Catering Northamptonshire

When you’re on the hunt for wedding catering in Northamptonshire, what should you look for in a caterer to...

Wedding Catering Northamptonshire

When you’re on the hunt for wedding catering in Northamptonshire, what should you look for in a caterer to ensure they will completely ace the foodie vision you have for your big day? No settling for second best here – this food has to scream your name from the rooftops and ensure no one ever forgets how flipping marvellous it looked and tasted! 

People often ask do we do wedding catering in Northamptonshire and the answer of course is yes! Why wouldn’t we, with so many amazing wedding venues to choose from there! 

But it’s one thing to ‘do’ wedding catering in Northamptonshire and another thing to smash it out of the ball park. I’m guessing the second option sounds preferable, so what sort of attributes should the right wedding caterer in Northamptonshire have. Here’s a few little giveaways… 


The Right One

You’ve hopefully got the right one correct in the first instance (hint – you’ll be marrying them), so, in the second instance, finding the right wedding caterer is a good spot, too. 

Start by working out what it is you want from your wedding catering. The style should fit with the theme of the day and reflect your personalities and likes. You might love to travel, for example, so some dishes from your favourite part of the world could be a lovely tribute to this passion. 

BIG, BIG HINT HERE – NEVER forget your wedding day is about you (the happy couple), so pick a caterer who will create a menu that suits your style and not the other way round (taste the food before to make sure you like it, too!)


Northamptonshire Wedding Catering Checklist

Your wedding food should mirror the personality of you and your fiance, so have some fun building your dream menu and enjoy this super special part of wedding planning – no set menus for every Tom, Dick and Harry here. These are some other things to check, too: 

  • The style of catering is doable in the venue you’ve chosen 
  • The caterer comes highly recommended – check their reviews 
  • Can they cater for any special dietary requirements? 
  • Can they make the date and time of your wedding?
  • Can they work to your budget? 
  • Can they cater for children as well as adults?
  • Is the food you want in season for the time of year?
  • Do they supply drinks as well as food?
  • Are catering staff available to serve the food and welcome guests?

No dream is too wild, so ask for advice – you want a fish and chip van, or pop up kebab stand there for example – shouldn’t be a problem when looking for wedding catering in Northamptonshire! 

Remember, choosing the food that’s special to you will help to make the day all the more wonderful and memorable, so give it some careful consideration. A good wedding caterer should be able to help with ideas and inspiration, while there are some great vision boards to take a look through on sites such as Pinterest too, so take a browse and be inspired. 


Check Availability For Your Date

Remember how we said it’s vital to taste the food beforehand and check that you like it? Well, we think this is super dooper important (and we’re confident you will like it, too), so get a slot tasting the food you want at your wedding and make sure this kind of wedding catering in Northamptonshire is right for you. 

Get in touch with me and check availability for your wedding date – I look forward to hearing from you and trying out a few ideas!

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