What Can You Do With 15 Wedding Guests?

If you’ve been planning a wedding this year, then doubtless you’ve found that it’s a whole different ball game....

What Can You Do With 15 Wedding Guests

If you’ve been planning a wedding this year, then doubtless you’ve found that it’s a whole different ball game. Because of this, you might be wondering what can you do with 15 wedding guests?

Weddings are traditionally spectacular occasions, filled with love, laughter, amazing food and a big old gathering of all your favourite friends and family members. But, as we all know, this year, that changed, as COVID19 swept the planet. 

After the initial first wave and period of lockdown over the Spring and Summer, COVID figures which were going down have started to creep up again. So much so that, at the end of last month, rising numbers of Coronavirus sufferers in the UK led the Government to announce that, among other changes, the maximum number of people at weddings had to drop from 30 to 15. 

With the big celebrations no longer a reality, weddings got a lot smaller and wedding catering just got an awful lot more intimate. But, despite the smaller guest numbers, there are ways to make the most of this change and have your big day be just as special. 


What are the current COVID19 rules for weddings?

In England, at the time of writing, the rules stood that up to 15 people are allowed to attend a wedding at a COVID-secure venue. Ceremonies have to be shorter and entertainment provided  at the reception cannot be so loud as to encourage the need for shouting. People not in the same household must maintain social distancing and the venue should record those in attendance. 

But COVID secure venues don’t have to be the big booming halls that mean 15 guests will rattle around aimlessly. Smaller venues, as long as they meet government guidelines, can become the perfect setting for a wedding where there are less people in attendance. 

Choosing a smaller venue, as well as making the wedding more intimate and personal will also be likely to reduce your costs. And making that kind of saving, when planning a wedding can be a godsend. 


Food that’s personal to you 

When there’s only 15 of you at your wedding, there’s a lot less concern around meeting the various dietary requirements of all those who are there. It means an even greater chance to choose the type of wedding catering that’s all about you as the happy couple, so, why not take that opportunity to explore the many different possibilities there are? 

It might be, for example, that you want food from a far flung destination that’s close to your heart. Perhaps you have a cultural heritage in your family that you want to make a part of your wedding through the type of food that is served. It could be that you want something completely and utterly out of the ordinary. The possibilities are endless. But, because there’s less of you at the wedding, there’s a greater chance, when choosing food which is even more personal to you, that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. 


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The TTC team has been pleased to organise the catering for some amazing indoor and outdoor weddings this year and have helped many couples figure out the best ways to make the most of the COVID19 restrictions, helping them to keep the big day as special as ever. 

Give me a call today to discuss your wedding catering options, check availability for your date and book a free tasting session for the food you want at your wedding!

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