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Pure Pie’fection – Pie Wedding Catering

Pie Wedding Catering – Pie’fection I’ve always said that the perfect wedding breakfast main course is pie. Made with love and meant to share. Bringing together so many rich and scrumptious ingredients, carefully crafted into a pastry-cased masterpiece. Yummee. As award-winning (did I mention we’ve won a award or two 😉 ) pie masters, we… Read more »

A story of Travel, Love…and a Dog

Last winter I was approached by a very cautious bride to be named Lauren, her feet had been burnt, as she had already had a bad experience with a caterer. That’s the bad part over.   The rest was pure magic. Lauren & Ian have a story that well could be made into a movie… Read more »

A Tipi!

Hi readers! Me again! I have been very fortunate this month to meet with Jodie Bidder, owner of Sami Tipi, based near Derby. Sami Tipi will be holding an open weekend on 19th & 20th of April at the wonderful rural venue of Bawdon Lodge Farm, Nanpantan nr Lougborough and I’m incredibly honoured to be a part of… Read more »

A picnic theme and a menu YOU!

Hi,   I wanted to really explain what  Menu “YOU”  is as people have been getting a little confuzzled…   I like a blank canvas… something I can make special and unique for you!… for example when Thomas & Lauren Kivits-Murray came to me way back in October 2012 and talked about a picnic theme… Read more »

Autumnal Feel

I find this time of year both exciting and wonderous, You see the leaves on the trees changing to the golden beauty and all the winter warming dishes coming out of the recipe books like Hotpot,Cobbler and Shepherds Pie: all of those lovely one pot dishes served with a heaped spoon of greens oh my!… Read more »